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During Term 3, the children have continued to make full use of the readily available resources in the classroom to develop their own interests as well as to participate in adult led activities that support our curriculum goals. Our language program, ‘Cracking the Code’, has continued and together with support from our Numeracy Specialist we have had the opportunity to spend lots of time learning through play with counting, numerals, patterns, sorting and measuring. There has been plenty of imaginative play in our home corner and our painting easels are rarely unoccupied! In addition, our outdoor area has been enhanced with new white sand and a lovely vegetable bed. After much deliberation and with some parent help, the children have planted potatoes, beans, carrots, rocket and radishes and are monitoring the daily changes in the garden.

In Term 4 we are looking forward to continuing many of the initiatives we have already begun; our outside yoga sessions will continue and we hope to be able to plant some flowers to complement the vegetables in our garden. The children will further develop their literacy skills by continuing to share many, many stories. They will be considering the structure of the recount a little more too, particularly with reference to their oral news sessions. We will be using clay more as a tool for developing fine motor skills and as an expressive medium for creating wonderful mini sculptures. In preparation for next year we will visit the Pre Primary classes and continue to explore the school grounds.