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Learning Support Coordinator

Winterfold’s Student Services aims to provide a sound and well structured support system for students.  The Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) consults and liaises with the School Psychologist, the Visiting Teacher for disabilities and learning disabilities, other outside agencies such as disabilities services, consulting teachers, parents and staff to address student needs.

The LSC collaborates with teachers to promote inclusive practices for a diverse range of students, particularly those with disabilities or learning difficulties.  Professional Learning in areas such as Dyslexia, Auditory Processing and Autism are provided for teachers, as well as specialised resources and technology.  These are modeled by specialists with a change management approach.

The LSC also collaborates with class teachers, the literacy and numeracy specialists and student services team to ensure Students at Educational Risk have appropriate learning programs.  Students with medical health issues such as anaphylaxis, asthma and epilepsy are also monitored by the LSC.

Alongside the class teachers and LSC, the Education Assistants form an integral part of Student Services and all members of the team collaborate to provide the best outcomes for students.

We also have the services of an experience YouthCare school chaplain who is available to support parents, staff and students, assisting with their social and emotional needs and running pastoral care programs from time to time.