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Room 1

In Term 3, the students in Room 1 worked on the theme ‘Minibeasts’.  We found out about insects and arachnids. We made worm farms and kept snails so we could study them in Science. In English, we continued to write recounts and learned how to write narratives and reports. With the help of Mrs Bonser, our Literacy Specialist, we wrote our very own narratives and used Puppet Pals on the iPad to record our stories accompanied by their corresponding animations. In Week 8, our parents came into the room and we showed them our work packages and presented the narratives on the iPad. They were very impressed!

We learned about healthy foods and caring for our friends in Health. In the final week we are having a healthy breakfast at school, as we have been conducting surveys during Chance and Data in Mathematics to find out what the children in our classroom like to eat in the morning. In Mathematics, we worked closely with Mrs Swann, our Numeracy Specialist, planning and implementing lessons in Understanding Mathematical Operations.  We learned how to use a variety of calculating strategies to solve word problems. In Space we had hands on activities focussed on using and recognising the attributes of 2D shapes. We Represented Location in Mathematics/Geography by making and reading a variety of maps. It was great fun.

On Fridays, we practise for our Sports Athletics Carnival and on Thursday afternoon we go to Edu Dance. Our item is about a cowboy and we will be dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe. This term we also had out assembly item. We performed a play titled ‘Wombat Goes Walkabout’. We were very, very good. All term we have had Miss Basile in our room. She is from Curtin University and has been studying to become a teacher. We have loved having her in our class and she is a fantastic teacher who has taught us a lot.

Next term is term 4 and we are going to be very busy again. Our theme this term is Summer and being safe around water. We have our Sports Carnival in Week 2 and we also be going to swimming lessons for two weeks. We will be learning about Chemical Science and how things change.  We will be doing experiments to find out what makes things change and seeing if we can change them back. This term we will be doing some cooking and learning how to write a procedure. The children in Year 1 will be beginning to learn about persuasive writing, which is always good fun. We will combine with the children of Room 2 to work on persuasive texts. Of course we will continue to read and increase our comprehension through Cars and Stars, a new program introduced by Ms Bonser. We will get better and better at spelling, using finger spelling, our knowledge of digraphs and our recognition of sight words to help us. We will be making 3D objects and expanding our understanding of maps in Geography. We will use our world maps to find other countries and discover how they celebrate Christmas. Then, of course, our teachers will be very busy writing our reports so our parents can be told just how clever we are and how much we have achieved this year.