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Room 10

Term 3 in Room 10 has been very busy and exciting.  We have had the pleasure of having our lovely student teacher, Miss Yusof, in class with us.  Under Miss Yusof’s direction, the students planned and presented their animal research-inspired assembly, which included a cute song and dance!  The Room 10 students also worked hard to complete their own Animal Research Report with diagrams!  In Week 9, we had a great day out exploring Kings Park with the Room 3 students.  This term, we have also been learning to carefully read and complete number and word problems involving money, plus we are really improving on our ability to tell time!  In Health, we have studied emotions and we’ve been exploring the map of Australia in Geography.  Thanks for your hard work and commitment, Miss Yusof, and good luck with your teaching!

Term 4 is shaping up to be another busy term with our school sports carnival and swimming lessons not far away.  In Science, we will be exploring concepts and activities relating to Physical Science, in English we will be reading and writing a variety of Poetry and then revisit Narratives with, hopefully, some published stories on the way!  We will continue to learn and practise our calculate strategies, especially during Rotations (and we realyl enjoy playing counting card and dice games with Mrs Lowe and Miss Noelle!), and revisit the many Maths concepts covered this year including basic fractions and word problems using the four operations.  In Art, we will be illustrating our published writing using a variety of materials, and we will also be creating with clay!