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Room 11

In Term 3, Room 11 have been reading and analysing the novel Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. We have also been online researching Roald Dahl’s life as he was such a great author and we love his books. We have also read The Twits and Matilda this year. Our end of term independent spelling test results have shown excellent recall of spelling strategies, with an average of each child learning to retain the correct spelling of 70 words; some words as hard as genuine and magician! Our writing focus has been procedure, which also related to our cooking. In maths we have been working on word problems and calculate strategies.

Our Science journey was focused on ‘Plants in Action’ with lots of understanding related to life cycles and an extension of our knowledge of plant terminology. In Health we have used iPads to research nutrients needed for optimum health, how they help our body and the food source to obtain these nutrients. We then chose a healthy snack and had a ‘cook off’ voting on the best snack related to price, time, nutritional value and taste. We loved it.

In Term 4, we will be focusing on reviewing concepts taught in all learning areas and getting ready for assessment tasks for reporting. Writing will focus on narratives and persuasive writing. We will continue working on Geography; places and climate in Australia and also looking at neighbouring countries. This knowledge will help us to make quiz questions to test our knowledge.