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Room 2

During Term 3, Room 2 had the pleasure of having an ATP intern prac student from Curtin University teaching them. The children undertook many exciting projects. In literacy the children continued to build on their spelling skills using the Diana Rigg whole school spelling approach. In collaboration with the literacy specialist the children produced their very own narrative books and then digitally recreated their narratives using the puppet pals app on the iPads.

During numeracy Room 2 have been consolidating their understandings of mental computations and using think boards to solve number problems. The children have been learning about and constructing 3D shapes. In measurement the children have explored hefting as a tool to weigh objects and make comparisons of different weights. There has been an emphasis on the language associated with measurement.

During Term 4, Room 2 will continue to build on the literacy skills they have already learned throughout this year. They will engage in literacy programs to stimulate their interest and to improve their skills in reading, writing and spelling. The focus for the writing genres will be on recounts, procedures and report writing.

In numeracy the children will be developing their understanding of sharing and making equal groups. They will be working on place value and number patterns. In measurement the children will continue to be immersed in the language that describes measurement and work with formal units to assist in measuring objects.