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Room 7

In Term 3, the students from Room 7 have worked really hard across all learning areas. In Literacy our class novel was called The Ghost in My Suitcase; the students completed research on an African focus country and presented them to the class for Geography and compared it to Western Australia. In Week Four we had a fantastic and educational day at Kings Park Botanical Gardens and also visited the Naturescape.  This was cross curriculum with Science studying Plants in Action, Art and Technology and Enterprise. Numeracy has also been a hype of activity where we have looked at word problems and different strategies for all operations and learning about all the different angles.

Term 4 is going to be another busy term, with the Year 4 students attending swimming lessons for two weeks, and a sports carnival and Interschool sports carnival for all students. This term we focus on concepts that we have covered all year and are getting prepared for assessment tasks for our reports. In Science we will focus on Earth Science. In Geography we will focus on Europe and Literacy continuing on with all 12 comprehension strategies using the Newspaper in Education novel which is called Bella and the Wondering House.