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Room 9

In Term 3, the students from Room 9 have made some real progress across all learning areas. Our class novel was The Hundred Penny Box, which we used to help improve our reading and comprehension strategies. During history we focused on Australian symbols and the days that we celebrate. Science was a ‘hot’ look at the transfer of heat in our world, while in T &E we focused on our Paint.Net and Excel skills. Our term topic focused around money, and this was a big part of our mathematics and art lessons, where we created our own bank note.

Term 4 is always full on, with the Year 4 students attending swimming lessons for two weeks, as well as the build up and eventual sports carnival. Our focus this term is again on history, where we look at how things have changed over time. During science we continue our exploration of heat, but this term we get to melt things! Mathematics has us plunging deep into fractions again, while literacy is a revision of how to write interesting stories and persuasive texts.